The Best Post Workout Meal Plan and Supplements for Gaining Muscle, Strength and Bodybuilding

In this post, I’ve provided you the specific Post Workout Supplement and meal recommendations I give to my men and women looking to gain muscle size and strength.

If you missed it before, be sure to check out  this post where I cover our Performance University recommendations for the Best Pre Workout Supplements and Best Pre Workout Meal for Gaining muscle, strength and/or Bodybuilding.

No one knows the proper ratio of foods to eat. But, the latest science on nutrient timing is repeatedly telling us that Pre Workout nutrion and Post workout nutrion are crucial for both men and women.


Important Insights on Pre and Post Workout Nutrion


Before I get into our specific recommendations for post workout nutrition – Here are some interesting insights on nutrient timing from Dr. Jim Stoppani: . “Your post workout meal is not as important to get within 30min of training if you’ve consumed a good pre workout meal within 3omin before starting you workout” . “If you didn’t eat a pre workout meal (within 30min before training), the post workout meal is extra crucial” Jim Stoppani.


Here’s what we recommend you consume post workout (within 30min Post Workout) for Maximal Muscle gains


–       Consume a fast acting protein shake like a pure whey or combination of whey with casein like Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth formula from Biotest


–       Consume A fast digesting carb drink such as Surge Recovery Fuel from Biotest


–       Consume at least one dose of Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAA’s) (Which, you’ll also get within Surge Recovery Fuel)

Note:  I like to use Vanilla Metabolic Drive and mix it up with my Surge Recovery Fuel. It’s the ultimate Post workout recovery Drink. (These are NOT affiliate links. Biotest doesn’t even offer an affiliate program. I’m linking their products because they’re the ones I use everyday and they’re the ones I believe in!


The science on Post Workout protein shakes and absorption:

Just in case you’d like to see some science on our protein recommedation above – Here are a few studies on Protein and rate of absorption:

“A 30 gram feeding of casein protein versus whey protein had different effects on post-prandial protein gain.  Both whey and casein are proteins derived from milk.  In essence, they showed that whey protein is absorbed very quickly producing peak levels of amino acids at approximately 60-90 minutes after ingestion and then returning to baseline levels at approximately 3-4 hours post-ingestion.  Casein on the other produced a much slower and less dramatic rise in amino acid levels peaking at approximately 60-90 minutes”

Boirie Y, et al. Slow and fast dietary proteins differently modulate postprandial protein accretion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997 Dec 23;94(26):14930


(“Evidently, the differences in digestion and absorption translate into differences in protein metabolism.  For instance, this study discovered that whole body protein breakdown was inhibited by 34% by casein ingestion but not by whey.  However, whey protein ingestion stimulated protein synthesis by 68% while casein stimulated protein synthesis to a lesser extent (+31%).  However, when they looked at the ‘net leucine balance’ over the 7-hour time period after ingestion, casein ingestion resulted in a significantly higher net balance (i.e., post-feeding protein deposition was greater).  Apparently, a fast absorbing protein such as whey stimulates protein synthesis tremendously but a large part of the protein is also oxidized (used as fuel).  Thus, one might conclude from this single study that a single feeding of a ‘slow’ protein such as casein is superior for promoting protein accretion to a ‘fast’ protein such as whey when examined in healthy subjects over a 7-hr time frame.”


(The above is taken directly from


Coming Soon I’ll give you our Performance U pre and Post workout recommendations for Fat Loss!


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