The Glutes BCB Protocols – 2 More great Glutes workout routines for men and women!

My last post displaying the Single Leg RDL Triple Threat Protocol was a BIG hit, which doesn’t surprise me since it’s simple to understand, easy to apply and it’s obvious that it can be very effective at building what I call “full spectrum glute strength.”


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Full spectrum glute strength simply means that your glutes are very strong throughout the entire range of hip extension that you posses, not just in a specific range that you train most often, which is a common flaw I see often in many dedicated lifters.


The best solution I’ve found to ensure that you create full spectrum glute strength (and to building a great looking ass) is to manipulate force vectors, which I’ve already explained the general concepts of doing here. By manipulating force vectors, you can change the point of maximal loading on the glutes (or any muscle for that matter) during a given exercise.


There are two ways I use to manipulate force vectors:

– Change the position of your body.

– Change the direction of the load coming into your body.


In the Single Leg RDL Triple Threat protocol, I changed the position of the load – First by using gravity, then by using a diagonal vector (from a cable or band), then using a more horizontal vector (by raising the origin position of the cable/band).


Today, I’m going to show 2 more great glute workout protocols I’ve developed, which incorporates both a change in body position AND a change in the direction of the load. These two protocols will give you even more great training options for improving the form and function of your glutes!


Before I reveal the 2 workout protocols, I need to warn you:


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The Performance U – Glutes BCB Workout Protocols


B-C-B stands for: Bell (Barbell, Dumbbell or kettlebell) – Cable – Bench.


B-C-B stands for: Bell (Barbell, Dumbbell or kettlebell) – Cable – Ball (as in stability ball).


 Essentially, the first two exercise in the Glutes BCB protocol are exactly the same as in the Single Leg RDL Triple Threat protocol. But, the last (the third) exercise  in the sequence is what different!



Here are the two exercise sequences for the Performance U – Glutes BCB protocols:


 BCB Protocol using a Ball


STEP 1# – Perform SIngle Leg RDLs using a barbell, Kettlbell or Dumbbell. (You can hold either two lighter DBs/KBs or one single KB or DB). x8-10 reps.


STEP #2 – Perform Single Leg RDLs using a low cable pulley. (Hold the pulley in the opposite hand of the leg you’re balancing on). x8-10 reps.


STEP #3 – Perform Single Leg Curl on a Fitness Ball (as pictured below) for 6-15 reps.

Primal Fit stability ball



BCB Protocol using a Bench

STEP 1# – Perform SIngle Leg RDLs using a barbell, Kettlbell or Dumbbell. (You can hold either two lighter DBs/KBs or one single KB or DB). x8-10 reps.


STEP #2 – Perform Single Leg RDLs using a low cable pulley. (Hold the pulley in the opposite hand of the leg you’re balancing on). x8-10 reps.


STEP #3 – Perform any Single Leg Hip thrust version you wish. I prefer to use the double bench version (as pictured below) x6-15 reps.

Single Leg Hip Thrust 300x168 1


If the double bench single leg hip thrust is too difficult for you – Try just elevating you shoulders on a bench and keeping one foot on the ground. Since my man Bret Contreras is the inventor, originator and developer of the Hip Thrust exercise and it’s variations/ progressions. He’s by far the most qualified to teach you how to do it safely and effectively. Ands that why I did this video (below) with Glute Guy!





Coaching Tips on the BCB Glutes Complexes:

The Performance U -Glutes BCB protocols work to develop “full spectrum glute strength” because each of the three exercises involved maximally loads you glutes at different points in the range of motion. Again, this is something I’ve already explained here. But, just as a quick overview to ensure you not only understand “HOW” to perform these glutes workout complexes – You also understand “WHY” these Glutes complexes can and do work:


The first exercise in the BCB protocol (The Single Leg RDL using a “Bell”) maximally loads the glutes at the bottom postion. The second exercise (the The Single Leg RDL using a low cable pulley or resistance band) maximally loads teh glutes in the mid-range. And, the third and final exercise (the Single Leg Hip thrust variation or Single Leg Curl on Ball) maximally loads the glutes in the top range since your body position is now perpendicular to the pull of gravity.


Also, this should be obvious. But, I’ll say it anyway: Perform all of your reps on the SAME side when doing either of the BCB protocols. Then, rest a bit (20-30 sec) before switching to the other leg. DUH!!! 🙂



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