The KING of all Upper-body Strength Exercises! (it ain’t the Bench Press)

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Now, on to today’s post regarding the KIng of all Upper-body strength exercises. More specifically, what I feel to be the king of all upper-body pushing exercises that’s realistic for most conditioned athletes to perform, and not just a crazy circus/gymnastic act.


To me, the One Arm Push Up is the king of all upper-body pushing exercises.

I’m much more concerned with how well an athlete can perform the One Arm Push up than I am with how much they can bench press.


Why I feel the One Arm Push Up is KING:


– If you’re on your back, you stink at your sport!


– There’s no bench to support you/ stabilize you. You must do all the stabilizing yourself – through increased muscle contraction!


– The one arm push up is unilateral – which requires more skill, has more carryover to real life/ sporting actions and builds equal strength on both sides of the body.


– The one arm push up trains the body from the center out. In other words, you must have a tremendously strong core to perform this movement. Because all functional movement must be transferred through your center (your core) – It only makes sense to train your core to remain stable while you move and produce force.


– The one arm push up requires body awareness and superior muscular timing and rhythm.


– The single arm push up is one of the best Anti-rotation core exercises!


Feet Elevated One Arm Push Ups!

I use single arm push ups often in my pushing workouts. I’ve seen amazing results in my upper-body muscle mass and strength from using them. Here’s the proof! – Check out this video of me banging out some Feet Elevated One Arm Push ups, with perfect form!



Can you do one arm push ups? How about with your feet elevated?


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