Joint Friendly Strength Training Course

Discover over 100 innovative exercises for building muscle and strength while sparring your joints and working-around wounded knees, shell-shocked shoulders, a hand/wrist limitation, or a bad back.


An injury, joint pain or limitation doesn’t have to cancel your workout. This course shows you how to use Joint Friendly Strength Training exercises to spare your joints, work around sensitive spots and still make gains in strength and performance!

You’ll Discover:

– Over 100 innovative joint sparing exercises.

– How to build stronger legs with bad knees: Use these moves if weighted squats, lunges or step-ups hurt your knees.

 – The best upper-body exercises for bad shoulders: Use these moves if your shoulders are aggravated by the bench press or over-head lifts.

–  How to build superior strength while “working around” a bad back: Use these exercises if back issues prevent you from doing loaded squats and deadlifts.

–  The Best and Worst core exercises for a bad back!

– How to add load and get stronger even if you can’t hold weights due to a hand/wrist limitation.

–  Simple, easy-to-use training strategies to help injury-proof your strength program.

–  Plus much more practical training techniques you can immediately use!

Free Bonus: 7 Best Joint Friendly Cardio/Conditioning Workouts


You’ll also receive an additional bonus video featuring the Performance U: Top 7 Joint Friendly Cardio/Conditioning workout methods. 

Use these 7 Joint Friendly Cardio/Conditioning workout methods to work-around Bad Knee’s and other common issues to successfully Accelerate metabolism, Burn Body Fat and Increase your endurance.



Learn How To Program Like A Pro

Using My Must-Have Programming Charts

Learn how I how I quickly and easily create programs that get results and keep clients coming back for more by downloading my 2 must-have programming charts and watching the included video lesson.

With these two charts, you’ll be able to combine the most important functional movements with isolation exercises for the perfect balance of strength, hypertrophy and performance.

In this video lesson you’ll discover:

And much more!

If your goal is to write better programs for your clients and save time while doing so, then you’ll want to sign up for this free lesson!