The Problem With Bodyweight Workouts

In the current climate of the fitness field, there are lots of “bodyweight training only” workouts being promoted, and you’ll often hear personal trainers and performance coaches saying things like “first you must master your bodyweight with bodyweight training before you use an external loads.” As beneficial as bodyweight training is, I think it’s a big mistake to only use bodyweight exercises.

Regardless of whether you’re doing your workouts in the gym, at-home, outdoors, or on the road, I don’t recommend exclusively using bodyweight training exercises for two reasons.

First, limiting yourself to just bodyweight movements severely limits the horizontal pulling exercise options for strengthening your mid-back muscles. A chin-up bar allows you to do vertical pulling exercises like chin-ups and pull-ups, but in order to perform horizontal pulling exercises you need a suspension trainer or some heavy-duty resistance bands. Without these, the options for creating a balanced strength-training program by using a variety of horizontal pulling exercises to offset all the body-weight push-up options are virtually nonexistent.

Second, keep in mind the saying, “Master your body with body-weight training. Master your environment with external loads.” Resistance bands offer a wider variety of exercises options, allowing workouts to be more comprehensive. For example, with bodyweight exercises you’ve got gravity loading you in the vertical vector, but with the addition of resistance bands you’re also able to load the horizontal and diagonal vectors.

In short, resistance bands, which are very portable and can be attached to any doorway or stable object in matter of seconds, let us not only create more well-balanced iron-free workouts, but also load the vectors that gravity doesn’t load through body-weight training. And, that’s precisely why both of the programs in The Build Muscle Without Weights Workout aren’t bodyweight only training programs. The Home/Gym version of The Build Muscle Without Weights Workout utilizes resistance bands and a suspension trainer, along with a stability ball and a chin-up bar. And, the Hotel version of the program uses exclusively bodyweight and resistance band exercises.

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