The Super Legs Circuit – Single Leg Squat Complex

This Leg complex was originated in the 80’s by legendary coach Vern Gambetta. Vern originally named it the “burn with Vern leg circuit”. So, thank you to Vern Gambetta for designing such an incredibly effective Leg Complex.

Today, I’m going to provide you with the battle-tested progression strategy  Vern Gambetta has developed for using his Super Legs circuit safely and effectively. I can promise you Vern’s progression strategy works because I’ve used it to successfully for over 10 years now.

The Super Legs Complex

If you don’t already know – The oringinal “Burn with Vern”, Super Legs complex consists of four exercises:

Bodyweight Squat x20 Reps

Lunge x10 Reps Each Leg

Step-up x10 Reps Each Leg

Jump Squat x10 Reps

Here are a few key coaching points from Vern’s blog on the Super Legs circuit:

The goal is one rep per second. This fast eccentric work results in extreme soreness. It is best to do some striding and hurdle walkover drills after the Leg Circuit. This is not possible on the lunge and jump squat because of the amplitude of the movements, but with those exercises it should be as close as possible to that rate. The squat should break parallel. The lunge length should be as long as the athlete is tall. The step up is an alternating step up on a low box – 14 inches. On the jump squat the arm are held at the waist to accentuate the work of the legs.”

“The Leg Circuit is the foundation for more specific work to follow in terms of absolute strength and plyometrics.”

Vern’s 6 Week Super Legs Progression

The cornerstone of any “high-quality” training program is consistent and realistic, weekly progression. No one knows this better than Vern Gambetta. Go here to Vern’s Blog and discover his 6-Week Super Legs circuit progression.

Super Legs Variations

As you know by now, creativity is alive and well here at Performance U. Since first learning the Super Legs circuit – I’ve developed several variations to accommodate the needs of various clients and to create training variety by giving a new stimulus.

Here’s a video of a Unilateral (1 Leg dominant) Super Legs circuit Performance U style!

What are your favorite Leg Complexes? – Comment below!

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