The TRUTH About the Sleeper Stretch – Posterior Shoulder Capsule

I still have a few more posts coming at you covering my approach to tire training. However, I promised on my most recent FitCast Interview that I would post this video about the Sleeper Stretch.

So, I’m going to hit you with some more knowledge on smarter shoulder training.

The Sleeper Stretch has be getting allot of press these days and just about every coach is talking about stretching the posterior shoulder capsule. The Sleeper stretch is a great protocol if you actually have a tight posterior shoulder capsule.

The problem is, most do NOT have a tight posterior shoulder capsule.

I realize this is opposite to what you have been told in the past. But, even most serious lifters don’t have a posterior capsule when tested.

In the video below, I reveal a simple test that will help you check on how tight your posterior shoulder capsule really is.

If you are doing the sleeper stretch, you absolutely need to see this video!



Comment on this post and let me know how you did on this test?

As I mentioned, I’m betting that  most of you will pass and therefore NOT have a tight posterior shoulder capsule.



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