This is How I Train Part 1 – My Upper-body Pushing Workout

I often get asked how I train myself. So, I’ve decided to film a weeks worth of my current workouts to share with everyone who’d like to see exactly what I personally do to improve my hustle and my muscle!


Each workout video will also feature great music from some of my favorite songs/bands from my iTunes collection.



Here’s live video of my Upper-Body Pushing Strength & Conditioning Workout


Watch this video and see real training footage featuring my pushing workout and the metabolic finisher I’m currently using on Monday’s.


Why I do what I do?


1a. One Arm Push Ups

contrast w/

1b. Split Stance Med Ball Punch Throws


– These are two of my favorite pushing exercises!

– I use this contrast superset to improve my unilateral strength, general rotary power and I find it helps me punch harder when hitting the heavy bag or when punching during muay thai kickboxing.

– This superset allows me to better transfer the strength gained from the floor based one arm push up into a standing, more functional, explosive action.


Active Recovery with – 3D Single Leg Matrix


– I use this to improve the  functional ability of my hip, knee and ankle  to control my body in 3D, dynamic balance situation.


2a. Incline DB Press

contrast w/

2b. Med Ball Chest pass w/ alternate leg lunge


– Since the single arm push ups cover my horizontal pushing action. I use incline presses to cover my diagonal pushing. I don’t use much overhead (vertical) pushing action like overhead presses because I don’t feel it carries over much into the strength I’m trying to achieve.


– The med ball lunge and chest pass allows me to take the strength built pressing from a bench and transfer it into a functional, explosive move requiring me to generate power from the ground up.


Active Recovery with LYT Shoulder Complex


Go here to learn all about why I use the LYT Shoulder Circuit


3a. Core Bar Rotary Press

pair w/

3b. DB Triceps extension w/ Pull over

triple w/

3c. Lateral DB Raises


– The Core Bar exercise builds tremendous rotary strength while also strengthening my arms, shoulders, back and chest.


– The other two exercises are used strictly used to build some extra muscle hypertrophy in my arms and shoulders. I gotta look good at the beach, baby!


Conditioning with the PowerMax 360


This is by far the best $ I’ve spent on a single piece of gym equipment in a long, long time. I absolutely love the PowerMax 360 because it gives me a super intense upper-body dominant conditioning workout that has me leaving the gym with an insane upper-body pump and with my lungs burning!


Plus, doing intervals on the PowerMax 360 has really helped keep me from getting arm weary when doing my heavy bag rounds or during Mauy Thai class.


Coming Next!


In my next post, I’ll hit you with video footage featuring the Warm Up I used to prep for this workout and the cool-down routine I used to recover post workout.



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