Top 20 Push Up Workouts & Push Up Variations!

Push ups are one of our all-time favorite exercises applications for their simplicity, versatility and effectiveness!


Over the years we’ve produced a large body of work on the push up training, displaying a wide variety of new push up variations, push up workouts and push up tutorials.

In this post, I’m reviewing our Top 20 Push Up Training videos! And, our Best Push Up Workout articles!

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Top Performance U Push Up articles

Everything Push Ups – I wrote this article for T-nation back in 2008. Lou Schuler has said on many occasions that it’s one of his favorite articles! I agree that this is still some of our best work.

For Killer Abs, Try Some … Push-Ups? – This article made the FRONT PAGE of Yahoo and has over three thousand FB shares. The video we included in it was viewed over half a million times in a day. I had fun working with Nick Bromberg on this one.

5 WAYS TO IMPROVE THE PUSH UP: New Variations Turn This Classic Exercise Into a Total Body Workout – This one was done for

10-Minute Chest and Tri Workout: Build muscle and definition with this six-week program – I did this push up workout for Men’s Fitness.

Top 20 Push Up Training Videos

1. Metabolic Chest Blaster (originally developed by Rhadi Ferguson, PhD)

2. Push Up Workout for Women (if this one gets easy, us the above push up protocol)

3. How to do a Perfect Push Up – Push Up Form

4. Push Up Variations (from around the world) with Martin Rooney. I call Martin the International House of Push Ups :-)

5. Push Ups for MMA – 3 Tweaks to the Push Up for Fighters & Grapplers

6. 2 Push Up Variants – Lateral Push Ups & Rotation Push Ups

7. The Push Back Push Up – New Push Up Variation

8. The Reverse Burpee – Explosive Push Backs

9. Push Up Plus – Serratus Anterior Exercise 

10. Push Up + Chest Fly Combo Exercise on Slide Board – Push Up Variation for Bad Wrists

11. One Arm Push Up – How to do One Arm Push Ups a BETTER Way

12. One Arm Push Ups with Feet Elevated. I’m just showing off on this one!

13. The 747 Push Up Workout Protocol 

14. MMA Workout Push Up Routine – The BIG 10 Push Up Circuit

15. Ricochet Push Ups – Push Ups on Fitness Ball Variation

16. Push Up Drop & Catch – MMA Push Up Exercise

17. Triple Threat Push Up Routine

18. Triple Threat Push Up Workout (Advanced)

19. Push Up Pike on Fitness Ball – Exercise Tutorial

20. Plyometric Push Ups – A better way!

As you can see, NOBODY does Hybrid Push Up Training like Performance U!

And, we’re just getting started, baby!


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