Triceps Kickbacks: A Poor Triceps Dumbbell Exercise

At Performance U, we train Muscles AND Movements!

Unlike many other Personal Trainers and Coaches, we incorporate some “isolation” exercises into our fitness training and sports performance programs because we’ve found doing so helps us target the weaker, less developed areas missed by the compound exercises.

Also, it should be no secret that isolation exercises are a must for bodybuilding, physique and figure training.

Triceps Kickbacks?

One of those most popular triceps exercises, which we don’t really recommend (along with our friend and super-trainer Stephen Holt) are Triceps Kickbacks.

This video tells you why we don’t feel Triceps kickbacks are the best choice over other triceps exercises:

Additional Personal Training Tips on Triceps Kickbacks:

– There IS a way to perform the Triceps kickback exercise more effectively. Simply use a lighter dumbbell and start the exercise at the top (with your elbow extended).

If you can hold your arm straight (elbow extended) at the top for a a few seconds, the weight is good for you. Just keep in mind that you’re only working in the top range of the motion, which is fine… especially if you’re an advanced lifter following our Full Spectrum Bodybuilding (FSB) program.

– To create a more consistent resistance with Triceps Kickbacks, perform them using a cable column with the cable at it’s low position.

– With the two above points made:  Unless you’re a physique, bodybuilding or figure competitor; we feel there are many other effective triceps exercises to choose from (over Kickbacks) that are much less awkward to perform and are much easier to keep good form in.

For more on Triceps training, check out – The Best (and Worse) Way to do the Triceps Dips Exercises.

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