True Muscle: My 9-Week (Open Access) Hybrid-Training Program

I could not be more excited to announce the True Muscle training plan – the 9-week hybrid-training program I designed that’ll get you the muscle and the hustle – is now live and 100% open access.

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For the True Muscle training plan, I’ve teamed up with New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford, who is also known as one the NFL’s fittest men. But don’t worry, this isn’t a sports-performance program. Steve likes to say, “I’m not a football guy who loves fitness; I’m a fitness guy who plays football.”  If you want the best of both worlds, more muscle and better athleticism, you want True Muscle.

You don’t need to be a world-class athlete like Steve to get results from this program—far from it! But you’ll definitely get the most out of the True Muscle trainer if you have a foundation of training to build from. A beginner will probably find the intensity of this program overwhelming, so only tackle it if you have some solid training experience.

Check out this promo video to get a taste what the True Muscle training plan is all about.

Go to here or click on the images to watch the program intro video, get the full program details along with the videos of the workouts I did with Steve, to learn about the 3-phases of training in this 9-week program, and then start using the program. There’s even a True Muscle nutrition plan. And, it’s all completely open access.



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