TWO 7/4/7 Back Workout Protocols – Lat Pull Downs & Bent Over Rows

My recent post on the 747 Protocol was very popular and I’m still getting daily emails about it. Additionally, I’ve had several requests for Back/ Pulling workouts using the 7-4-7 workout protocol.

We’ve actually developed TWO awesome 7-4-7 Back Workout Protocols, which I’m sharing with you today.

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Before I give you the workouts, I wanted to mention that:


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The 747 Back Workout Protocols

Both of these Back workouts are Hybrid 7/4/7 sets because they mix up grips within a given set to create mechanical variation, which allows for more overload through a higher volume of work.

Here’s Figure Athlete Jackie Gough demonstrating how to boost the intensity of your Lat Pull Downs and Barbell Bent Over Rows with our hybrid 7/4/7 workout protocol.

747 Lat Pull Down Workout Protocol

747 Barbell Bent Over Row Workout Protocol

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