Ultimate Back Blast Workout! – Power Endurance Circuit

Here’s a great Back Blast workout I designed to ramp up the intensity of any back workout and build lots of power endurance in a little bit of time!


This Super Back workout has provided some of my clients and athletes with increased levels of muscle size (Hypertrophy). This is most likely due to the high volume and high intensity nature of our Performance University power endurance protocols, such as this Back Blast workout circuit.


This workout is also great to use a metabolic finisher or if you’re simply looking for new way to ramp up the intensity of your upper-body pulling / back workout.


The Back Blaster Workout

20x Recline Rope Pull (2 inch diameter rope)

40x JC Band Alternate Arm Speed Rows (split stance – 20reps each stance)

20x Rope Slams (2 inch diameter rope)

10x Overhead Medicine Ball Throw (1olbs Ball – alternate legs)


Here’s a live, in the trenches video of my long-time client: Gary (Big Staz) Stastny hammering out the Back Blaster workout during a training session last week.

This video was filmed at Ground Control MMA Baltimore.


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