VersaClimber Exercise: Top Techniques and Workout Protocols

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The VersaClimber exercise machine has existed for a number of years but is still one of the most underrated pieces of cardio-conditioning exercise equipment among fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts alike.

As I said in my new book: Building Muscle and Performance, “The VersaClimber offers a unique climbing action that incorporates the arms and legs, thus making it another great option for performing interval training, steady state cardio or to add as a station in a circuit. In addition, because it puts you in an upright position, the VersaClimber is very back friendly, which makes it a great, low-impact substitute for people who struggle with sitting on a bike due to back issues.”


In this post I’m providing my top VersaClimber training techniques and protocols to help you get the most out of your VersaClimber exercise.

Before we get into the great VersaClimber exercise training techniques and protocols, here are 7 reasons why I’m a big fan of this machine and feel its value to clients and athletes far exceeds its cost.

My Top 2 VersaClimber Exercises Techniques

This video shows you the 3 types of strides you can perform when using the VersaClimber.

In addition, there are also 3 different points of emphasis that can be used to add variety to your VersaClimber training.

My Top 2 VersaClimber Exercises Protocols

I developed the VersaClimber 321 Protocol to incorporate all 3 types of strides into one comprehensive training protocol that’s easy to teach/remember but challenging to do.

Everyone knows that Farmer’s walks are a great conditioning method. Well, as the name implies, the Climb-Carry Protocol combines the VersaClimber with Farmer’s walks. It’s another great training protocol that’s easy to implement into a workout, but very challenging to perform.

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