Workout Finishers: Plate Push + Dumbbell Metabolic Complex

At Performance U, we like to give our personal training clients and athletes “metabolic finishers,” which is just a fancy name for high-intesity workout protocols that require a burst of energy at the end of a workout to increase your heart rate and burn more calories both during and post workout.

We use a multitude of workout finishers – Many are displayed in our Strength Training for Fat Loss DVD.

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Today we’re sharing with you one of our most popular workout finishers that combines a 45lbs weight-plate and a pair of dumbbells to give you a serious metabolic jolt!

To successfully perform our Performance U Plate Push complex, you must first understand how to perform Plate Pushes.

How to Perform Plate Pushes

If you’re working with Turf, place one or two dumbbells inside of a 45lbs weight-plate and push it across the turf floor.

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If you don’t have access to turf, you can place a towel underneath the weight-plate and push it across a basketball court or across your gym’s aerobics room.

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You can also use a weighted sled (if you’re training outside) to perform what we call Low Sled Pushes, which involve pushing the sled in the manner demonstrated in this video of two of my masters level figure competitors.

Personal Training Tip: When performing plate pushes (or low sled pushes), you want to keep your back straight, with your hips more or less level to your shoulders.

The Performance U Plate Push + Dumbbell Complex

Set Up – Place two cones 15-20yds apart. Place a pair of dumbbells inside of the weight plate (you’ll be pushing).

If you’re using a weight sled to perform the low push, load up the sled with plates (to the appropriate weight load for your strength level) and place a pair of dumbbells at the starting cone.

Perform the following exercises circuit style, back-to-back without rest:

Station 1: Perform Dumbbell High Pulls x 6-8 reps

Station 2:  Perform a Plate Push/ Low Sled Push for 1 Lap (total of 30-40yds)

Station 3: Grab the dumbbells again and perform Bent Over Rows x 6-8 reps

Station 4: Switch back to the Plate Push/ Low Sled Pushes and perform another lap.

Station 5:  Pick up the dumbbells and perform a set of RDLs x 8-12 reps

Station 6: Go back and perform another lap of Plate Push/ Low Sled Pushes

Station 7: Finish with a set of Push-Ups (or any Push-Up variations you’d like) x12-20 reps

Additional Personal Training Tips:

– We’ll usually perform 3-6 rounds of this complex in a given workout.

– Choose weight loads that allow you to maintain good control on each exercise within this (or any) complex.

– The weight should be heavy enough to give you a high-intensity workout challenge, but still allow you to finish the complex without stopping in middle for anymore than a few seconds.

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